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Don't use a budget pest control company!
Don't spray a hive yourself!

Their prices are low for a reason. Spraying the bees leaves dozens of pounds of melting honeycomb, sticky honey, and rotting bee carcasses in your walls, attics, and soffits. If a beehive is not fully scraped out and the space filled with an inert material, the next season another swarm will almost certainly find the remnant wax and build a new hive in the exact same spot.

Not only do live bee removals help preserve our vital local bee populations, it can save your home from damage and wasted money down the line. See below for what happens when a beehive is not properly removed.

We were called out to a customer's home to correct a mistake. This customer called a budget pest control company and they gave the customer a $95 "spray and pray". They came, sprayed the bees and left 128 pounds of honeycomb in the soffit and the wall. They left their customer with hundreds of maggots crawling on the first and second floors below the hive. There's only one real solution, removal.

Honey dripping from trim board.


Dead honeycomb in the wall beneath the soffit.


Dead honeycomb in the soffit.


This is what it should look like if a professional removes the hive.


Every cubic inch of space is occupied. There will never be another beehive here.


Soffit trim board and crown molding replaced. Looks like it never happened. 


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